As a speaker of a session that will use online voting, please find the following instructions on how the system works. This shall help you to prepare for your session. We kindly advise you to read the following information carefully. 

The mobile voting system is fully integrated into the provided presentation management system. Therefore, you can setup your questions directly at the Speaker Preview Centre on-site while uploading your slides. Technicians will be available to assist you. In the session room you will control your presentation and the voting process yourself. 

Participants can vote via their own mobile device by scanning the shown QR-Code. Therefore, we strongly recommend reminding the participants at the beginning of your session to have their mobile devices ready. 

Please follow the next steps to ensure a smooth running of your interactive voting session: 


• The voting system will be activated through your own PPT slides. Therefore, please include your voting question(s) directly in your PowerPoint presentation and have them activated by a technician on-site at the Speaker Preview Centre. 

• For each voting question you can provide a maximum of 6 possible answers


It is essential for each speaker to come to the Speaker Preview Centre the day before the session, so our technicians can brief you, activate and revise all questions with you and to make sure everything will run smoothly. 


• Once a question slide of your presentation appears the layout will change, and you will need to click on the appearing button “Start voting”. The audience can then vote via their mobile device. 

• As soon as the voting is stopped, the results (percentage) will appear on your presentation and on the projection screen. 

• You have the possibility to comment/discuss the result of each voting if desired. 

• To redo the voting click on the button “Reset Question”. 

• To proceed to your next slide, click on the button “Back to presentation”.

Example for the mobile voting: 

1: Screen display of your voting question slide inside your presentation.


2: Screen display of the active voting, start voting by clicking on “Start voting”.


3: Screen display of the active voting while the audience votes via mobile device (countdown in seconds to the right)




4: Screen display of the active voting showing the results in percentage 



Click “Back to presentation” to end the voting and proceed with your next slide, voting results will be saved or “Reset question” if you want to redo the vote.


If you have any technical questions related to mobile voting or your presentation, please feel free to contact us via